Writers Write

The last year has been a rough one. My ex-husband had a stroke and I wound up moving back in with him and taking care of him until he died ten months later. During that time I scribbled in journal after journal but didn’t blog, didn’t publish, and didn’t share much. Then I confessed to my creative writing students that I didn’t have a blog anymore. One of them looked at me (with a touch of dismay) and asked, why not?? I felt a wave of gratitude for that question. It was the kind kick in the butt I needed.

So now, I am looking back and processing the events of the past few years. I’m also continuing to explore a variety of forms of creative expression. I’m looking at my life as I move through my sixties, and examining the world around me — this scary, alarming, disturbing and yet also delightful and surprising world.

I suppose I’m writing mainly for myself, as a way to hone my craft and keep my writing muscles strong. But maybe there are others who can relate to this journey and don’t mind reading the rants, ravings, and works in progress of a woman who is also a work in progress. Please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email at tmacenulty@gmail.com.

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