Why I haven’t cut my hair since November, 2016*

A few days after the election of a smarmy conman to the presidency of the United States of America, I looked in the mirror and realized my hair was in need of a cut. No, I thought, resolutely. I will not cut my hair. Not until he’s gone. I wasn’t sure why I made thisContinue reading “Why I haven’t cut my hair since November, 2016*”

Indoctrinating students on the power of the vote

Last week the president tweeted that college professors (all members of the radical left apparently) were indoctrinating students, not educating them. Well, if teaching students about the importance of voting is indoctrination, then count me in. Donald Trump’s War on Higher Education (The Atlantic) I teach writing classes, and I get to assign the topicsContinue reading “Indoctrinating students on the power of the vote”

If you hate abortions, don’t get rid of contraception!

If you hate abortion, don’t get rid of contraception! The impetus for my historical novel, The Blue Hour, was the disappearance of a beautiful and popular heiress named Dorothy Arnold in 1910. There were several theories as to why she disappeared; one of them was that she may have been pregnant, undergone an illegal abortion,Continue reading “If you hate abortions, don’t get rid of contraception!”

A Memoir in Essays

Stealing: Life in America (Review)by Michelle Cacho-NegreteAdelaide Books. 203 pages. Michelle Cacho-Negrete’s personal narratives of a life sprung from a Brooklyn Ghetto explore how she has been challenged, changed, and honed by poverty and discrimination. These oftentimes bleak, but meaningful, experiences shaped Cacho-Negrete into an elegant writer and a magnanimous human being. While the experiencesContinue reading “A Memoir in Essays”

A good character description is worth a thousand pictures!

I’m always on the lookout for a great character description. Usually, it’s a fictional description, but, while reading a profile by Taffy Brodesser-Akner of Val Kilmer in the New York Times Magazine, I came across this: “He’s 61 now. He’s still so handsome. His hair is still blond. His eyes are still the unimaginable greenContinue reading “A good character description is worth a thousand pictures!”